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I am a Distributor of rack and pinion stairlifts ,with its smooth rack and pinion drive and battery power,the stairlift can effortlessly take you up and down a straight stairway, even during a power outage. Its neutral color and modern appearance can coordinate with practically any décor, and its slim rail and carriage save room on the steps to allow others access past the lift.

 Stairlifts Sale stair lift and stair lifts East Coast USA

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We Are Licensed & Insured

There are a number of accessories available to complement the ACORN Superglide Stair Lift. These accessories are designed and manufactured to provide comfortable, practical and cost effective solutions for individuals with additional mobility and physical flexibility difficulties, or sometimes for more complex stair configurations.



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Our Ramps


  • reduces ramp slope and eases entry.
  • lightweight durable aluminum.
  • anti-slip, high traction surface.
  • lightweight, easy to handle and set up.


  • bariatric multifold separates into two pieces for easy carrying.
  • patented center joint hinge eliminates pinch
  • point and adds strength.
  • folds in half, carries like a suitcase.
  • durable welded fabrication.
  • visual aid to determine if ramp is on a safe slope prior to use.

Visual Aid Level ramps Long Island


  • separates into two pieces for easy carrying.
  • patented center joint hinge eliminates pinch point and
  • adds strength.
  • folds in half, carries like a suitcase.
  • durable welded fabrication.
  • full platform provides excellent stability.
  • anti-slip, high traction surface.
  • lightweight, easy to handle and set up.
  • safety guide indicates if ramp is on a safe slope.
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Our Stairlifts 

Acorn Stairlift Features

Motor power
 0.25 kW 
Motor output speed
 22 rpm 
Method of drive
 rack & pinion 
Motor output torque
 108 Nm 
Power supply
 24 v DC (battery) 
Maximum capacity
 294lbs (350lbs available) 
 extruded aluminium 
Mains supply
 110v, 50Hz chargerDimensions

A Overall height (from floor)     40 
B Height of seat                       19.5 
C Overall depth (from wall)      23 
D Overall depth (when folded) 13 
E Width of footrest                  12 
F Overall width                       22 
G Depth of seat                      16


Why Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn supplies more customers directly from the manufacturer, all over the world, than the rest of the entire industry combined!

The Acorn Superglide Stairlift is exceptional value - with more features as standard but without costing you a penyy more!

  • Fits to Stairs not Wall; causing minimum disruption, no structural work needed.

  • Sealed Gearbox; no lubrication needed, no leaks.

  • Slim Folding; the arms, seat and footrest fold to leave stairway free for other users.

  • Swivel Seat; firmly locks in three positions for safety and ease of use, the stairlift does not move until seat is safely in the travelling position.

  • Safety Belt; giving you confidence and peace of mind.

  • Soft Start & Stop; no jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs

  • DC battery powered; it is smooth and whisper-quiet in operation and continues to work even if there is ever a power failure.
  • Lockable with Key Switch; preventing any unauthorized use
  • Rack & Pinion Drive providing a quiet, smooth ride.
  • 5 Safety Surfaces; halting the stairlift if it collides with any obstruction.
  • Overspeed Governor (OSG) as standard equipment; Acorn believes that it is irresponsible to supply a stairlift without this vital safety equipment.
  • Digital Status Display; the stairlift is equipped with smart technology that lets you know stairlift status at any moment.

Modern stairlifts, like the Acorn Superglide Stairlift, are state of the art in terms of design and manufacture and yet are so simple to install and maintain.

There is an ever growing demand for stairlifts in America, and there are many out dated products still available and being installed in people's homes. These 'old style' stairlifts can be troublesome for the user - why? They are unreliable. Things have moved on since the days of chain drives and trailing cables.

Don't take any chances - make sure you conduct a direct like-for-like comparison of the features, technology, comfort and safety aspects of the equipment.


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